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K-drama Bingo by Kingo Games, LLC

K-drama Bingo Discbound Journal

K-drama Bingo Discbound Journal

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Honor your Hallyu love™ with a hand-bound journal designed for fans to celebrate Korean dramas. The K-drama Bingo Discbound Journal is the perfect way to enjoy discovering new dramas or fall back in love with your favorites. Featuring removable pages to easily customize your experience or play with friends, each journal is punched and bound by hand to contain:

  • Guide to Watching K-dramas to help you (or a friend) get started
  • Drama Log to track shows
  • 10 pre-filled bingo cards
  • 15 customizable bingo cards, including suggestions of common tropes
  • 15 sheets for journaling, including mix of guided prompts, blank, and dot ruled pages
  • Bonus coloring pages of iconic scenes 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a discbound journal?

Discbound journals offer the streamlined look of a journal combined with the flexible functionality of a binder. Rather than using spirals, wires, stitching, or other traditional forms of binding, these journals rely on small plastic or metal circles (discs) that can vary in diameter anywhere from 1/2-inch up to 2 inches.

Photo with 5 black discs on white tray in foreground, with three journals with various sizes and colors of discs in background.

These discs do not have to be opened and closed like a binder's rings. Instead, pages are punched using a unique shape (sometimes called a "mushroom" punch) that can then be pressed on and lifted off the discs. 

Although the most popular use-case for discbound products is in planners, there are lots of people who take advantage of the flexible format to create really fun things (check out the Cantrips Media shop as a great example!).

How can I use my discbound journal?

To remove a sheet, hold a top corner near the discs and gently lift upwards until the paper pops off the discs. To put it back on, line up the holes with the discs, then press the paper down around each disc. That's it!

Check out our Instagram highlights for video tips.

With the flexibility of a discbound journal, you can:

  • Put the pages in whatever order you want!
  • Give a friend their own copy of the "Guide to Watching K-dramas" or a bingo card
  • Lay out all the trope lists side by side and select the ones you want to fill into a blank bingo card
  • Make a new journal by moving some pages to a new set of discs
  • Expand your journal by moving all the pages to larger discs and buying additional sheets

What discs do you use?

The K-drama Bingo Discbound Journal features Levenger Circa discs--we like them because the plastic discs are both sturdy and lightweight. Both their plastic and aluminum discs come in an array of sizes and limited edition colors, so if you are ever looking to customize your K-drama Bingo disc colors or expand with larger discs, this is a fun place to look if you're willing to invest bit more.

If you ever find yourself in need of just a few replacement discs, grab them from us!

What punch do you use?

We use the Staples Arc Adjustable Punch, which allows us to customize for the unique 5-disc system of the K-drama Bingo journals.

Do you offer downloadable PDFs and printables?

We do not offer digital versions of our journals. If you're looking for casual coloring that you can print at home, visit our Kdrama Colors Etsy shop

Have you thought about making an app of K-drama Bingo, instead?

Yes, we're working on it! That said, we see a mobile game as a complement to, not replacement of, the tabletop journals. It's fun to hold something customizable in your own hands, and sometimes you just want to do one thing at a time (watching K-dramas!) on your device.

If you're interested in connecting about the features you'd want to see in a mobile game, contact us on Twitter

If you want to see what we're working on, follow us on Instagram.

How long does processing and shipping take?

See our Shipping Policy for details.

Can I cancel my order?

Of course! However, please reach out to us as soon as possible so we can process the cancellation and prevent your order from being shipped. 

In the event that your order is shipped and you'd like to cancel, you must ship all items back to us. Upon receiving the item, we will inspect it to ensure it is in an unused condition and then will promptly refund your money, as outlined in our Refund Policy.

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