Honor your Hallyu love

Whether it's a new twist on a classic gender bender or a suspiciously convenient sandwich shop, every drama lover knows the tropes and product placements we love...or love to hate!

  • The Sunbae-Hoobae Gift Set

    What is K-drama Bingo?

    An activity book for Korean drama fans to track dramas, journal, color, and make a game of clichés as they watch. Each journal is hand-bound with the versatile discbound method, so it's easy to customize, reorder, or remove pages to use solo or with friends!

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  • Play Solo

    Using the journal prompts or bingo cards, keep track of tropes as you watch a drama, or test your memory before a rewatch. For a challenge, try one bingo card per episode!

  • Play with Friends

    Ready to play? Each person removes a bingo card with tropes they expect to appear in the drama, or fills out their own. While you watch, cross out each trope as it appears until the winner has 5 in a row—bingo!

  • The K-drama Creator Gift Set

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    Calling all drama fans! K-drama Bingo is here to amp up your fan experience and immerse you in K-drama joy like never before. Whether you're a super-fan or new to Hallyu, customize this hand-bound journal into your ideal companion for celebrating all your K-drama love!

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