About us

Nice to meet you!

The K-drama Bingo Journal was born from the marriage of excellent Korean Wave (Hallyu) content, lots of quality TV time, and a desire to prioritize joy.

Photo of journal open to drama log and bingo card

Like many K-drama fans, our founder couldn't help making a mental checklist every time she noticed a recurring trope in dramaland. That mental checklist became a hand-drawn bingo board, then a printed set...and a couple years later, the handmade discbound journal in your own hands. It's still a blast to celebrate all the tropes (and product placements!) fans love and love to hate, so now we're welcoming all K-drama fans to join in. Can't wait to see your first bingo!

Our store

K-drama Bingo is the flagship product line of Kingo Games, LLC, a Black-owned, woman-owned business based in the US.

Our promise

We'll prioritize joy! We will always work with a sense of love, sincere acknowledgement of, and deep appreciation for Korean and other Asian drama content and the wonderful, hardworking people in real life and across the internet who make it possible for us to enjoy dramaland.